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Make it: Quick & Easy Labels

Learn to make these quick and easy labels using your computer or phone.

4 minutes

Introduction to Crafting: 3 Ways to Design

Get start-to-finish guidance from a Cricut pro on three ways you can design and make projects using your Cricut machine.

7 minutes

Workshop: Make a Thank-You Card Set

Discover the joy of creating personalized thank you cards in our interactive online workshop! Join us as we guide you through the process of making a simple and heartfelt "Thank You Card" using your Cricut machine.

2.0 hours

Workshop: Festive Flowers & Bows for Holiday Packages

Get ready to impress your loved ones this holiday season with our Cricut workshop on Festive Paper Flowers and Bows for Holiday Packages! Join us and learn how to create stunning, personalized decorations that will give your gifts that WOW factor!

2.0 hours

Introduction to Cricut Venture™

Learn how to set up your new cutting machine, load Performance Machine Mats and Smart Materials, and perform regular maintenance.

10 minutes

How to: Use Cricut® Foil Transfer Kit

In this video series, Nicolle will introduce you to the Cricut® Foil Transfer System and share tips and tricks so that you will have beautiful results every time!

9 minutes

Beyond the Basics: 3D Flowers

This course focuses on the assembly of three different 3D flower types: rolled, layered, and pieced, and the differences and similarities between them. Explore how to work with different materials and get inspiration for your next 3D floral project.

10 minutes

How to: Use Transfer Tape

Learn the basics of working with StandardGrip, Linerless, and StrongGrip Transfer Tape to move your vinyl designs onto a different surface or base.

Introduction to Cardmaking with Cricut®

Make a quick card for any occasion! Get hands-on training on how to make an Insert Card on your mobile phone.

3 minutes

Introduction to Print Then Cut

In this video series, Nicolle will introduce you to the basics of Print Then Cut, first with machine calibration, then by creating a simple sticker project.

5 minutes

Introduction to Crafting: Terms & Supplies

Learn the basics of crafting from our Cricut guide, Alex. She'll teach you about crafting terms, devices, apps, materials, and tools you'll need to get started.

10 minutes

Learning Library

Use these free resources to understand crafting terms and quickly determine the right materials and tools to use for your next beginner-level project.

Workshop: Iron-on Birthday T-shirt

This workshop is for anyone with a basic understanding of Design Space who wants to press either a single or multiple-layer iron-on t-shirt, for themselves, or to give as a gift.

2.0 hours

Introduction to Cricut Maker® 3

Learn how to get the most out of Cricut Maker 3 with up-close-and-personal tours of Design Space, your new cutting machine, and Smart Materials™.

6 minutes

Introduction to Cricut Explore® 3

Start making with your Cricut Explore 3.

6 minutes

Introduction to Cricut EasyPress®

Cricut EasyPress makes iron-on (HTV), Infusible Ink™, and sublimation projects simple. Learn how to get the most out of your Cricut EasyPress.

3 minutes

Introduction to Cricut Mug Press™

Learn how Cricut Mug Press works, how to use Design Space to make mugs, and how to place and press Infusible Ink Transfer sheet designs on a mug.

6 minutes

How to: Use Design Space® across devices

Design at home or on the go. Scroll through Design Space® on your phone or tablet, create or save your design, and pick it up again on your desktop or laptop computer.

How to: Save and Share Projects with Design Space®

Learn how to save and organize your projects in Design Space, then share them with the Cricut Community.

How to: Create Reusable Stencils

Design stencils that can be used over and over for baked goods, furniture, walls, and more!

How to: Use the Design Space® Layers Panel & Combine Menu

This course will introduce you to the new Layers Panel and Combine Menu. These new features will allow you to combine objects without fear or committment. Every action can now be adjusted or undone and seen through the new Layers Panel.

How to: Align & Place Designs

Watch as Rabia shares best practices for sizing and aligning your designs on on the mat, and accurately placing them on your finished project.

11 minutes

How to: Upload Images

Learn how to upload images into Design Space, Cricut's design software. In this course, you'll learn how to upload an image of handwriting and then use it to make a personalized gift.

9 minutes

How to: Create Stickers With Print Then Cut

In this course, you'll learn how to use print then cut to make stickers with your Cricut cutting machine and an Inkjet printer.

20 minutes

How to: Find & Work With Images

This series of mini-lessons goes beyond surface level to show you how to work with images in Design Space like a seasoned expert.

9 minutes

How to: Make Designs Pop with Offset

We demonstrate how to use the Offset function in Design Space to make projects, including a cake topper and sticker.

16 minutes

How to: Use Background Remover

Fire up Design Space and follow along while we demonstrate the Background Remover tool.

2 minutes

Introduction to Cricut Machine Tools

This guide will introduce you to the variety of Cricut Machine Tools. Start with blades/tools that work across machines (Joy/Explore/Maker) then move to machine-specific tools. We have included links for more information and projects using the tools.

Beyond the Basics: Infusible Ink™

Master the slice & set technique to create a tote bag using multiple colors of Cricut Infusible Ink™. Then create colorful coasters using Infusible Ink™ pens and markers.

8 minutes

Introduction to Cricut Paper

Learn the fundamentals of crafting and creating with paper, including paper cards, 3D shapes, paper flowers, and more.

21 minutes

Introduction to Cricut Vinyl

This course is all about vinyl. You'll discover the material, tools and additional materials you'll need for a beginner-friendly projects, as well as tips and tricks for easy application.

26 minutes

Introduction to Cricut Iron-On

There's so much you can do with iron-on (HTV)! We've broken down the basics with step-by-step tutorials for beginner and intermediate heat transfer projects, including tips and tricks for working with this material.

46 minutes

Introduction to Cricut Infusible Ink™

This course will teach you all about Infusible Ink. You'll learn about the material, how to use Infusible Ink sheets and markers on beginner-level projects, plus tips and tricks for working with this material.

26 minutes

Introduction to Cricut Smart Materials

This quick video lesson will teach you the difference Smart Materials will make to your crafting experience.

How to: Work With Cricut Smart Paper™

Get helpful advice for working with this material.

1 minutes

How to: Work with Cricut Vinyl

In this course you'll get helpful guidance on working with vinyl.

9 minutes

How to: Work With Cricut Smart Vinyl™

There are a handful of techniques that will make your experience with this material a breeze.

2 minutes

How to: Layer Iron-on (HTV)

Watch as Nicolle creates a layered iron-on t-shirt and a hoodie using Infusible Ink over glitter iron-on.

10 minutes

How to: Work With Cricut Smart Iron-On™

Take the guesswork out of learning to handle this material with our helpful video guide.

1 minutes

How-to: Work with Iron-on & Infusible Ink

We gathered helpful tips from Cricut experts on how to make iron-on & Infusible Ink projects easy and fun.

14 minutes

How to: Create Pop-up Cards

Create greeting cards that contain a surprise! Discover how to make pop-up cards from design to delivery. Along the way, learn tips and tricks that will save you time and help you understand the basics of pop-up card assembly.

11 minutes

Make it: Watercolor Cards with Cricut® Watercolor Marker & Brush Set

Create works of art with Cricut Watercolor Cards and Cricut® Watercolor Marker and Brush Set.

Make it: Cardstock Monogram

Use your cutting machine to cut a monogram out of cardstock.

4 minutes

Make it: Cutaway cards with the Cricut® Card Mat 2x2

Nicolle will walk you through a cutaway card project, beginning with selecting a design in Design Space, setting up the Cricut Card Mat 2x2, and assembling the final product.

6 minutes

Make it: Insert cards with the Cricut® Card Mat 2x2

Nicolle will walk you through an insert card project, beginning with selecting a design in Design Space, setting up the Cricut Card Mat 2x2, and assembling the final product.

5 minutes

Make it: Paper Flowers

Add depth to your card and paper projects with Kate's tips on making paper flowers.

5 minutes

Make it: Vinyl Stickers

Kate will guide you through a beginner-friendly vinyl sticker project, covering the basics of Design Space, using your cutting machine, and working with vinyl.

8 minutes

Make it: Vinyl Label

Make alongside Alex as she guides you through designing and making custom vinyl labels.

4 minutes

Make it: Custom Bags & Accessories

This lesson will show you how to apply iron-on material to customize home decor, fashion accessories, and more.

8 minutes

Make it: Custom Bag Using Infusible Ink™

Learn how to apply Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets to canvas for a custom tote bag.

5 minutes

Make it: Custom T-shirts with Cricut EasyPress® 3

Cricut EasyPress 3 pairs with the Cricut Heat App to improve your experience with HTV, iron-on, and Infusible Ink projects.

4 minutes

Make it: Custom Hats Using Cricut Hat Press™

Cricut Hat Press, paired with the Cricut Heat App, makes iron-on (HTV), Infusible Ink™, and sublimation hat projects simple.

5 minutes

Make it: Cutaway Cards With Cricut Joy™

Learn how to make Cricut Joy Cutaway Cards!

4 minutes

Make it: Coasters with Infusible Ink Markers

This fun tutorial will show you how to use Infusible Ink Markers to create projects that WOW!

5 minutes

Make it: Custom Denim Jacket Using Scraps

We hate to let any materials go to waste. Learn how Kate uses her iron-on scraps to customize clothing and accessories.

6 minutes

Make-it: Layered Iron-on Pennant

If your project includes multiple layers of iron-on (HTV), watch this quick tutorial.

11 minutes