Introduction to Smart Materials

This quick video lesson will teach you the difference Smart Materials will make to your crafting experience.

Vinyl Basics

This course is all about vinyl! You'll learn what the material is, what tools and additional materials you'll need to get started, how to apply it in a beginner-friendly project, and tips and tricks for working with vinyl.

26 minutes

Smart Vinyl: Tips & Tricks

There are a handful of techniques that will make your experience with this new material a breeze.

2 minutes

Paper Basics

Learn the ins and outs of crafting and creating with paper, including paper cards, 3D shapes, paper flowers, and more.

21 minutes

Smart Paper: Tips & Tricks

Get helpful advice for working with this new material.

1 minutes

Iron-on Basics

There's so much you can do with Iron-on material! We've broken down the basics, created step-by-step tutorials for beginner and intermediate iron-on projects, and included tips and tricks for working with iron-on in this course.

46 minutes

Smart Iron-on: Tips & Tricks

Take the guesswork out of learning to handle this new material with our helpful video guide.

1 minutes

Infusible Ink™ Basics

This course will teach you all about Infusible Ink. You'll learn what it is, what you need to get started, how to use Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets and Markers on beginner-level projects and tips and tricks for working with Infusible Ink.

26 minutes