What you'll learn.

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    Learn to Use Cricut EasyPress 3

    • Make an iron-on T-shirt using Cricut EasyPress 3.

    • Make an Infusible Ink T-shirt with Cricut EasyPress 3.

What you'll need.

These quick lessons will walk you through two projects. Before you get started, make sure you have:

  • A Cricut EasyPress 3

  • A Cricut EasyPress mat

  • The free Cricut Heat app, downloaded to your phone or tablet

  • For the iron-on project: a T-shirt blank and your weeded design cut from Everyday Iron-on

  • For the Infusible Ink project: an Infusible Ink T-shirt blank, your weeded design cut from Infusible Ink, a lint roller, a sheet of butcher paper (included with Infusible Ink) and white cardstock

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