What you'll get.

This course includes quick lessons you can choose from.

  • 1

    Finding Licensed Images

    • Alex makes it easy to get just the right image for your project.

  • 2

    How to Create a Split Image

    • Learn to manipulate images in Design Space® simply and easily.

What you'll learn.

You've got the basics of Design Space down, but there's so much to do in your canvas, we wanted to make it easy to do what you want with images. These courses will walk you through:

  • Finding licensed images in the Design Space app.

  • Editing images to 'split' them and insert text or more graphics.

Meet your instructor.



Hi, I'm Alex! I have about five years of crafting experience, specializing in paper flowers. I bought a Cricut machine in 2016 to DIY my wedding! I teach because I love seeing fellow crafters have lightbulb moments where something clicks. Those moments bring me joy and inspire me to keep crafting.

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