What you'll be able to do.

  • 1

    Create insert cards using the Cricut® Card Mat 2x2

    • Design an insert card in Design Space.

    • Prepare the Card Mat 2x2 and assemble finished cards.

    • Please answer these three quick questions.

What you'll need.

  • Cricut cutting machine (Explore or Maker series)

  • Cricut Insert Cards (R10, R20, R30, R40, or S40)

  • Cricut Card Mat 2x2

  • Weeding tool

  • Cricut machine-compatible pen

  • Scraper tool

Meet your instructor.



My name is Nicolle and I am obsessed with all things hand made. I started with drawing and quickly got into everything from sewing, woodworking, and even silversmithing! I have been a project designer for Cricut for almost 5 years now so I love using my Cricut machines to make all kinds of things and teach others to be the creative selves they were meant to be.

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