The Cricut Guide

Updated 1/24/19

We are working hard to add articles on all of the topics below. Click on the link to find PDFs that are easily downloadable and printable. Check back often as we are adding new articles each week. We hope you enjoy this resource! 


1.  Machine Overview

  1. Machine Comparison
  2. Maker
    1. What blades and tools work with the Maker
    2. How to install blades 
    3. Charging Port
    4. Cricut Maker FAQ
  3. Explore Air 2
    1. What comes in the box?
    2. Which blades and tools work with the Air 2
    3. Cricut Explore Machines FAQ
  4. What materials can I cut?
  5. What comes in the box?


Getting Started

2. Downloading & Installation of Design Space

a. Setting up your account

b. New machine set up

c. Finding the current version of Design Space 


3. Pairing machine with Bluetooth


4. Cricut Access

a. Monthly, Annual, Premium

b. Access renewal


Design Space

5. Overview of Design Space

a.  Design Space Cheat Sheets

a. Layers Panel Cheat Sheet 

b. Canvas overview

c. Cricut vocabulary

d. Design Space FAQ

e. Using Design Space offline on iOS devices

f. Snap Mat FAQ


6. Ready To Make Projects

a. Ready To Make projects overview

b. Making a Ready To Make Project

c. Customizing a Ready To Make Project


7. Projects

a. Starting a new project

b. Saving a project

c. Accessing saved projects

d. Sharing your projects

a. Editing a shared project

e. Favoriting a project


8. Using Images in Design Space

a.  Insert image overview

b. Inserting an image

c. Searching for images

d. Searching with filters

e. Browsing images by category

f. How to browse and search for cartridges

g. Searching for cartridges with filters

h. How to purchase images

a. Purchasing images from the mat preview

b. Purchasing images from the Cricut Image Library

i. Inserting basic shapes

j. Free images

k. Licensed Designs

l.  How to link cartridges to your account?

m. Angel Policy


9. Uploading your own images

a.  Upload image overview

b. Preparing artwork from Photoshop

c. Preparing to upload artwork from Illustrator

d. Preparing to upload artwork from CorelDRAW

e.  Uploading pattern fills

f. Changing an uploaded image into a cut image

g. Working with uploaded photos

h. Working with zipped files in Design Space


10. Selecting images

a. Selecting a single image

b. Selecting multiple images

c. Image bounding box


11. Edit tool bar


12. Working with text

a.  Adding text, selecting a font & writing

b. Text alignment

c. Text sizing

d. Text spacing

e.  Curving Text

f. Ungroup to layers

g. Ungroup to letters

h. Ungroup to lines

i. Working with multiple lines of text

j. Using system fonts

k. Writing and cutting in one step


13. Layers Panel

a. Overview

b.  Cut, Write, Score, or Print?

c. Group and ungrouping

d. Duplicate

e. Delete

f.  Changing image contour

g.  Slicing images

h.  Welding images

i. Welding text

j.  Attach

k. Flatten to print

l. Hiding an image layer so it doesn't cut

m. Selecting a line type

n. Arranging image order

o. Layers Panel Cheat Sheet


14. Working with Color

a. Color Sync panel

b. Changing color for cutting images

c. Changing color for images with a print line type

d. Selecting pen color


15. Print then Cut

a. Print then cut overview

b.  Calibrating your machine for PTC

c.  Changing a standard image into a printable

d. Inserting a printable image

e. Separating printable image layers

f. Change printable layers to a solid color

g. Applying a pattern to an image layer

h. Applying a pattern to text

i. Browsing patterns

j. Editing pattern fills

k. Matching Color with Printable Images

l. Combining standard and printable images

m. Final steps to printing and cutting your project

n. Image bleed

o.  Troubleshooting Print then Cut


16. Cutting projects

a. Setting Material

b. Using custom setting on the Smart Dial 

c. Managing custom materials

d.  Which machine cutting mat do I use?

e. Changing mat size 


17. Mat preview

a. Mat preview overview

b. Mirroring images for iron-on

c. Selecting a material size

d.  Moving & Hiding on mats

e. Changing tools


18. Machine Maintenance & Troubleshooting

a. Cleaning and greasing your machine

b. Machine Dial Not Working 

c. Machine dragging or tearing materials? 

d. Machine not cutting materials?

e. Maker turning off unexpectedly

f. Cut results don't match preview 

g. Machine making unusual noises

Cricut Products

19. Other Cricut Machines

a.  What is the Cricut EasyPress 2?

a.  Why the Cricut EasyPress?

b.  Using the Cricut EasyPress 2

c. Cricut EasyPress: Recommended Settings

d. EasyPress Mats

e. Iron-on Protective Sheet

f. Layering Iron-on

b. Cuttlebug


20. Blades & Accessories

a.  Overview of Different Blades

a. Rotary Blade

i.  Calibration

b. Knife Blade

i.  Calibration

ii. Prepping materials

iii.  Cleaning mat

c. Scoring Wheel

i.  Changing Scoring Wheel

ii. Recommended Materials

d. Bonded Fabric Blade

b. BrightPad


21. Cricut Tools

a. Pens

b. Weeding Tools

c. Tool Kits

d. Precision Cutting Tools

e. Rulers

f. Self-Healing Mats


22. Material Instructions

a. Vinyl

a.  Premium Permanent Vinyl

b. Iron-on

a.  Everyday Iron-on

c. Paper

d. Fabric

e. Maker Materials

f. Cricut Materials FAQ

g. Material Thickness


23. Shop: 

a. Account

a.  Changing Account Login

b.  Changing Billing & Shipping Address

c.  Changing your password

d. Registering Cricut Products

b. Orders

a.  Status

c. Refunds

d. Redeeming Store Credit

e. Warranty

f. Cricut Shop FAQ


Last Updated: December 13, 2018