Scoring Stylus

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Learn how to use the Cricut Scoring Stylus with your Cricut Explore cutting machine. Use the scoring stylus to make cards and 3-D projects. Follow the instructions we have provided to install the stylus, which is just like installing the pen.

Changing the Blade

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See how easy it is to change the blade on your Cricut Explore One machine.

Using Pens

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The Cricut Explore® cutting machine can cut a shape and use a pen at the same time. The possibilities are endless! Add a sparkle using one of our Cricut Color Metallic pens or for a more subtle look, use one of our Cricut Color Antiquity Pens. The set of five...

Cricut Cutting Mats: Types and Grips

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Cricut cutting mats are designed specifically to provide just the right amount of tact for cutting different materials. There are three types of grip mats that we offer: There's the LightGrip mat, StandardGrip mat, and StrongGrip mat. Use the right Grip Mat depending on which materials you're cutting.